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La Anita

100 years
keeping you company on the table

Since 1913 La Anita has accompanied Mexican families to the table, making every meal a delightful experience in an environment in which family, food and tradition achieve perfect harmony.

We love to know that Mexican families are part of our history and we are part of their history too, we have grown together and we will continue to do so simply because we love what we do.

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From Yucatán to the world

Southeastern Mexico is a region rich in culture, history and flavors… Its ingredients and delicious combinations make Yucatan’s cuisine to be well known throughout the world, not only for its flavors but also for highlighting it as an achiote and habanero producing region among other ingredients that make Yucatecan gastronomy unique.

It is simply amazing how a sound, an image or a simple scent can take us back to a place or recall a memory, trying a classic Cochinita pibil or a spicy Salsa de habanero can make us feel the essence of centuries of a culinary tradition able to charm anyone.